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2015 Vision Quest

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We are a multi-cultural fellowship striving to love God & to love others as ourselves.  We are the Gateway Cities stretching from Long Beach all the way up towards downtown LA. (see attached Gateway Cities ppt.)

Come join us as we help each other to build devoted, intimate & growing relationships with God & others.
Come and See what God has done; FaithFULL Living in the Heart of LA.:

Sunday Service Locations :

Metro East Ministries 10AM
Spanish and English Service :

Whitney High School
16800 Shoemaker Ave. Cerritos, CA, 90703(map)

Dear Metro East Ministry Family,

I pray this finds you enjoying your Summer and staying close to God. Thanks to Amir & Ray for filling in & delivering the Word this past week. Let us continue to remember Jesus is our Hero that saves and we must continue to be real and not a hypocrite. Feel free to go online & listen to the lesson's if you missed them:

Over the past couple weeks Mae & I have been meeting with people for discipling/ partnership time or studying the Bible with them. The constant theme is reminding us to continue to remain close to God. Our relationship with God determines everything.


A.D. The Bible Continues

We must continue to entrust ourselves to Him, follow Jesus/ His Teachings and surrender to the fact that the storms will come/ have come/ or are coming…………. Let us be prepared spiritually by building on the rock so we can withstand whatever comes our way (Matt. 7:24-29;).

In my own times with God I have been studying out 2 area's:

1. What Jesus' commands are throughout New Testament
2. The book of Psalms

We can relate to the Psalms because they express our feelings. We all face storms as did the many writers of Psalms. In Psalm 3, King David told God how he felt about the odds against him. But within 3 verses, King David realized that God's presence and care made the odds meaningless. This experience is repeated in many of the Psalms. Usually, the hope and confidence in God outweigh the fear, suffering, storms………and sometimes they don't. Still, the writers of Psalms consistently poured out their thoughts and emotions to God. When they felt abandoned by God, they told him so. When they were impatient with how slowly God seemed to be answering their prayers, they also told him so. Because they recognized the difference between themselves and God, they were free to be men and to be honest with their Creator. That is why so many of the dark Psalms end in the light. The Psalmists start out by expressing their feelings and end up remembering to whom they were speaking! Although we have much in common with the Psalmists, we may differ in 2 ways:

1. We might not tell God what we are really thinking and feeling
2. And therefore we also might not recognize who is listening to our prayers This is a pattern I noticed when reading Psalm 3, 6, 13, 31, 37 & 64. Put this to the test in your own relationship with God. You may well find that your awareness and appreciation of God will GROW as you are honest with Him.

Please continue to lift each other up in prayer (every Monday):

• All those that have lost loved one's this year: Avery Randolph, Veronica Vidal, Genoveva Gonzalez, Angel Ramirez, Tyrone Ragan, Ray Vidrio
• Those with health challenges: Anderson Marshall (O+ Kidney donor), Joni Johnson's Dad heart attack (Michael), Elsie Dauis' sister recently diagnosed with cancer (Edna Viste), Tom O'Brien, Tita Alojipan, Vernon Wilkinson, Antoine McGlothin, Hayden Hunter, Lillie Broussard, Gabriel Barbosa Jr.
• All of our children to have a pure whole hearted devotion to want to follow Jesus
• All of our Teens (14) we are sending to Teen Camp Aug. 1st – 5th.
• Lori Hundtoft & Cole looking for roommate by 9/1/15


1. Next 2 Sun. services, Aug. 2nd and Aug. 9th we are meeting ALL together with English & Spanish 10am here at WHS. Metro LA Regional service has been moved to October.

2. The plan for this week is to meet and do something by Faith Group/ Small Group since it's the 5th Wed. of the month

3. Please be planning to come to the 2016 North American Discipleship Seminar. Over 6,500 have registered already. "REACH", St. Louis, Missouri. July 7th – 10th in 2016, St. Louis, Missouri.

4. EARLY REGISTRATION is now OPEN for our Singles Leadership retreat, Sept.5-7th! $145.00 early registration period, includes 2 nights lodging, 5 meals (Bring your own bedding). Early registration is for SINGLES currently serving in a Leadership Capacity (Small group, Family group, BibleTalk).


Have a great week!,
Douglas & Mae Lovgren




• If we don't have a mission as parents, the world will give one to our kids.
• Society and media today is about SELF......
• Gratifying yourself, your desires no matter what the cost.

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