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2016 Vision Quest

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2016 Calendar and Theme

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2016 ME Fasting QT Jan 9th 31st

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2016 New Years Letter and Practical for Fasting

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We are a multi-cultural fellowship striving to love God & to love others as ourselves.  We are the Gateway Cities stretching from Long Beach all the way up towards downtown LA. (see attached Gateway Cities ppt.)

Come join us as we help each other to build devoted, intimate & growing relationships with God & others.
Come and See what God has done; FaithFULL Living in the Heart of LA.:

Sunday Service Locations :

Metro East Ministries 10AM
Spanish and English Service :

Whitney High School
16800 Shoemaker Ave. Cerritos, CA, 90703(map)

Dear Metro East Ministry Family,

This year's theme is "The Mission", because we want to help as many as possible experience an "Aha!" moment, where they truly can connect with and confidently explain God's mission to live out faith by loving like Christ. Fully understanding our mission should build a powerful devotion in each of us to grow individually and to grow the body of Christ.

A courageous church is needed to restore the true meaning and practice of faith, because the meaning of faith has drifted to being reduced to intellectual and emotional belief or to being ritualized.

Let's live out and promote common sense Christian faith, because faith is not just what we think or feel. A saving faith is when our minds, hearts and strength align through hearing, believing and obeying the Bible.

A saving faith is more than just accepting Jesus or appreciating his sacrifice for our sins. Biblical faith is when we admire and aspire to be like Jesus. Therefore, our aim is to be a church of disciples who are completely faithful in admiring and aspiring to love like Christ.


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• If we don't have a mission as parents, the world will give one to our kids.
• Society and media today is about SELF......
• Gratifying yourself, your desires no matter what the cost.

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