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We are a multi-cultural fellowship striving to love God & to love others as ourselves.  We are the Gateway Cities stretching from Long Beach all the way up towards downtown LA. (see attached Gateway Cities ppt.)

Come join us as we help each other to build devoted, intimate & growing relationships with God & others.
Come and See what God has done; FaithFULL Living in the Heart of LA.:

Sunday Service Locations :

Metro East Ministries 10AM
Spanish and English Service :

Whitney High School
16800 Shoemaker Ave. Cerritos, CA, 90703(map)

Dear Metro East Ministry Family,

I really enjoyed this past Sunday all together. God really came through with our prayers for Edgar & Blas' time while in Tijuana, Mexico. I am praying we continue to go after our Connection with God, ourselves & with others making our Conversations'/ Life Talks something we are consistent with at least twice a month. The spirit of our Connection series is to call us back to Loving one another and be consistent in practicing our love - 1 John 4:7-21; Romans 1:11-12; study out the 59 One Another scriptures.


Rise Up by Metro East Teen

Well, it's that time of year, May, that it's our Birthday's (Mae & I) and as a church we are rallying to raise/ give special missions. I have fond memories of Special Mission's in the past as well as some of those times I am not so fond of. Yesterday as I was praying for all of you a fond memory came to me………. a saying that mean's a lot to me and a scripture. It's said that, "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!". My favorite scripture about Special Missions is the one in Acts 4:32-37; when it says the early believers/ Christians brought the monies to the apostles feet and it was distributed to anyone who had need. Special Missions monies raised goes to 2 different needs:

1.Local Ministry Mission needs (local budget/ mission plans)
2.Foreign Ministry Mission needs in Philippines & Oceania Churches

I will never forget one year for Special Missions. We had NO money saved up, NO sure way of how we were going to raise the amount that was our goal and it was May 2nd. We asked if we could give our Special at end of June, so off we went. Mae & I had a family time with Jaxon & Jeric (they were 4 & 7 at the time) and we laid out our plan to raise our goal in 2 months. We prayed over it and off we went. I put a flier together & offered my services to anyone in the church who needed extra work done at and around the home on weekends (clean garage, clean up the yard, move things, help move if moving, etc……). All proceeds would go towards Special Missions. I decided that whatever bonus I received from work in May or June I would give 50% of proceeds to Special Missions. I offered to help a brother, who was in Real Estate, to help him with cleaning homes, setting homes up for viewing, touching up paint in homes, etc……as well we decided that whatever Tax Refund we received, if any, 50% of that would go towards Special Missions. Well after 2 months of working our plan God blessed us with the ability to raise and give over $1,250.00. I was simply amazed and knew that God blessed our plan, efforts, prayers and just stepping out on faith. I can't even remember where the money went to that year for the Greater Las Vegas Church of Christ, but boy, when we gave that money I felt good, tired & encouraged by God. No matter if you have nothing saved up, unsure where your special will be coming from this year……. remember it's never too late to come up with a plan. God has great plans for you, just come up with a plan! Please continue to pray for our goal of $60,0000.00. Have an amazing week.

Remember Special Missions - May 22nd (and we collect until end of June)
Every year we give to support the local Mission field (our ministry budgetary & mission needs) and the Foreign Mission field. We support the work for the Foreign Mission Field of the Philippines & Oceania (Malaysia) Churches. Our goal every year is 8 times our weekly budget. So 8x's our weekly budget ($7,000.00) is $56,000.00. Our goal is to hit $60,000.00.

EXAMPLE: If you are giving $100.00/ week to support our local ministry, then your Special Mission's Goal is 8 X $100.00 = $800.00.

Here is what we have given for Special Mission's since Aug. 2009.:
2015 = $56,001.00
2014 = $46,000.00
2013 = $53,500.00
2012 = $58,450.00
2011 = $57,200.00
2010 = $58,750.00
2009 = $61,100.00

What we have collected so far this year 2016:
1.March 20th - $2,598.00
2.March 27th - $1,500.00
3.April 3rd - $81.18
4.April 10th - $1,820.00
5.April 17th - $464.00
6.April 24th - $330.00
7.May 1st - $2,284.00
TOTAL YTD - $9,077.18 (16% collected)

Here is an excerpt from this past weekend in Tijuana, Mexico:
Tijuana, Mexico trip was amazing. 300 kids showed up and we gave toys to all and gave clothing to about 100 moms that showed up. See Blas Aparicio's Facebook page as he has pictures. Frankly amazing.

God blessed the parenting class I did and class on faith on sunday to a group of 300+ spanish speaking only. Yikes!! The church was overly expressive of how edified they were. Best part is that they give thanks to God! Blas was asked to do the hope offering and as part of it I showed our metro east ministry skid row video to gladys park. Amazingly a man, who was at service for the first time, came to me afterwards and told me "I used to live there". He started studying the bible right after church.

As part of my sermon I was expressing about the persecution in middle east that I heard about from our Reality X youth event 3 weeks ago. Point was about treasuring our faith and how even though it's harder in TJ than I have it, there are those who have it even more challenging. Turns out a couple from India was at church that day and they are studying the bible and were impacted by what I was sharing and have heard of Hope in India. They went out of their way and waited because they wanted to meet me and we're so encouraged. Kinda reminded me when I went to church for first time and I waited and made my way through to go meet speaker because I was so impacted by what he was saying.

The Rojas' had a family go with them and Carlos had a friend show up to our hope event, they were impacted. Amen, to much good news. Just wanted to say thank you for your support, teaching and training. Thanks as well to Metro East Ministry because this was a team effort.
Edgar Sanchez


1. Sun. Services - at Whitney HS 10am -16800 Shoemaker Ave., Cerritos, CA, 90703.
A. May 8th & May 15th English & Spanish services separate. May 15th we have guest speaker, Bob Henley, coming to encourage us.
B. May 1st & May 22nd ALL together (English & Spanish) in auditorium. May 22nd we have guest speaker John Causey coming to inspire us on "Faithful Discipleship".

2. Midweek schedule - May
A. This week, tomorrow, Wed., May 4th 730pm, we have midweek at Embassy Suites, 8425 Firestone Blvd., Downey, CA, 90241. We will kick off a series "Roots and Wings" on helping us study the Bible with our friends. We have a Room for English, Spanish & Kids Kingdom.
B. Wed., May 18th, is midweek for Men "Stepping Up", Women & Spanish Ministry at Embassy Suites, Downey, CA 730pm.

NOTE: Every 1st & 3rd weeks of the month we have midweek on Wed. Every 2nd & 4th weeks of the month we meet by House Church. Every 5th week of month we have a Men's Devotional. Please make every effort to be there.

3. Reach 2016 - North American Discipleship Summit, July 7th-10th, St. Louis, Missouri. Please see web site for more details - www.reach2016.com. So far 14,000 have registered and it looks like around 25,000 will attend.

4. ME Leaders Meeting in MAY. We normally meet very 1st & 3rd Sun., 12-1pm in Room #10. Anyone can come while the expectation is for all House Church Leaders to attend. Our meeting was this past Sunday, May 1st & next one is May 22nd..
A. We have a special leaders meeting May 22nd 12pm with John Causey. Our theme is "All Hands on Deck". Please come and join us.

5. Shoe fundraiser. We are asking everyone to bring in shoes that you want to get rid of and are still in good shape. Pair up shoes together by rubber band & place them (25) in a black trash bag. Bring them to service and we will be able to turn them in exchange for money. All monies go towards Youth Camp.

Have a great week!,
Douglas & Mae Lovgren




• If we don't have a mission as parents, the world will give one to our kids.
• Society and media today is about SELF......
• Gratifying yourself, your desires no matter what the cost.

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