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We are a multi-cultural fellowship striving to love God & to love others as ourselves.  We are the Gateway Cities stretching from Long Beach all the way up towards downtown LA. (see attached Gateway Cities ppt.)

Come join us as we help each other to build devoted, intimate & growing relationships with God & others.
Come and See what God has done; FaithFULL Living in the Heart of LA.:

Sunday Service Locations :

Metro East Ministries 10AM
Spanish and English Service :

Whitney High School
16800 Shoemaker Ave. Cerritos, CA, 90703(map)

Metro East Ministries,

What a great service this past Sunday. Let's continue to have breakthrough's together in different areas of our lives (giving, evangelism, outreach, serving neighbors, relationships, fitness, work, health, family, etc…….). Today as I was riding my bike I couldn't help but to thank God for each & every one of you. I am really excited to see the things God is teaching us as well as the future for our ministry. Things are coming together for each of our English & Spanish services. I always enjoy when we are all together for service…….. looking forward to this Sunday. Every time Easter comes around I am always reminded of my past. I only went to church 2 times a year (Christmas & Easter). That was the extent of our spirituality for our family & I'm grateful I had something. Just remember people are in same position looking for a place to worship for Easter. Invite friends, family, neighbors out to service this Sunday as we "Celebrate the Resurrection" together. Pray for God to continue to doors & pray for God to give you the words to say as you invite your family, friends & neighbors.

Take some time to read through the book of Colossians as we have already covered Colossians chapter 1 & 2. Special Missions is around the corner (May 25th). Our goal is $56,000 & so far we've seen over $7,000 turned in. I know every year Mae & I use our Tax return to give our goal (8 times our weekly). We were grateful to be able to give a few weeks back when we got our Tax Return. Wherever you are at, come up with a plan & God will bless (Isaiah 32:8;)..

Here are some ideas to help you raise monies for Special Missions:

1. Sell some of your nicer clothing at a local consignment shop. There are also many consignment shops for children's clothing and supplies. Many offer cash on the spot to purchase your items.

2. Give up your favorite luxury item for a period of time. Donate to Missions what you would normally spend on _______________ (your Starbucks coffee, your favorite donut or munchie that you would typically purchase on the way to or from work, a church event, etc.)

3. Do a car wash in your neighborhood or local gas station as a faith group/ family donating all proceeds to Missions.

4. Perform a spring-cleaning/fixing activity yourself instead of hiring someone else to do so.

5. Do a family devotional with the kids on sacrificial giving. Ask the kids if they would like to give a portion of their weekly allowance to Special Missions.

6. Look for ways to cut back on driving. Walk, ride your bike, or take public transportation instead. Redirect your saved money typically used on gas for Missions. Carpool when possible.

7. Register at Fieldwork ( to participate in future marketing studies. Another local option is AccuData Marketing ( Also consider Earlier this year, a group of singles each made $50 for a few minutes of their time to test various pizza types. They donated the funds to HOPEworldwide.

8. Consider picking up an additional job for a period of time. Good money makers include delivering pizzas or phone books or refilling local paper or magazine dispensers as local stores. Another option: post a service that you might be
willing to offer on Pick up a dog-sitting or babysitting job for a few hours a week for a period of time.

9. Forego a desired purchase. Learn the art of delayed gratification.

10. Give up one summer activity/ sport for the adults or children. Use what you would have paid for a registration, entrance fee or children's sport (to a race, sporting event, concert, and recreational park or bike race) and put it towards your Missions Collection.


1.Special Missions 2014 – May 25, 2014. Our monies go towards supporting work in Philippines, Reno, NV & our local ministry here in Metro East Ministries. Our weekly budget is $7,000 & our goal is 8x our weekly offering = $56,000. Start turning in your Special Missions on Sundays by placing it in envelope & marking "Special Missions". Let's pray & plan to raise monies…….LET'S WALK RIGHT PAST OUR GOAL!!

2. Next Sun., April 20th is Celebration of Resurrection Service, Easter service, All Together at 10am. Let's invite friends/ family to come.

3. This Wed., April 16th, 730pm is midweek All together at Embassy Suites, 8425 Firestone Blvd., Downey, CA - childcare will be provided by a Faith Group.

4. Every Saturday, Safe place for Men' Prayer, Liberty Park @ 7am (corner of 195th St. & Studebaker Rd). Hope to see you there.

5. Visit us online for any & all info. (our new video to welcome everyone is on our home page, you can call us or email us, all dates, info. is available., etc……)

Have a great week!!!!
Doug & Mae Lovgren
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